About me - Harri

Hey there, Im Harrison otherwise known as AO554 but welcome to the site! I base my content of what it is right now, tech! Mostly software based at the moment but I like to go over operating systems and much more..

I started off in November of 2013 where I created this channel on YouTube to see if I could produce good enough content. I started off of course terribly but later on progressed to learning video editing and making content. Well sooner or later

If you get to talk to me, you'll get after a bit that I'm a nice/chill guy, sure im not perfect but I like to get to know everyone

Discord Server - Harri's Hub!

Yeah I would say join but its kinda borked at the mo, sorry lad

Back soon

Anything else?

Well really I don't know except if you love my content, then make sure you stay up to date with what i'm doing!